Get to know me: 

Hi, I'm Savannah. What’s funny to me is I always knew I would build my own business.

Even growing up, when asked what I wanted to be, I had the hardest time nailing it down because I knew I wanted to be creative and be my own boss, but when I told people that, they’d say, “how will you make money?” And “being an entrepreneur is hard work”. The crazy thing is, it was hard not to be one. 

I struggled so hard in “normal” jobs.

My heart wasn’t in it and it took me years to say “eff it” to everyone else’s opinions about careers and go for what my heart was telling me. So on college graduation day, I bought my first professional camera and activated the SJP instagram. 

A few years later, it was the best decision I’ve ever had. I took a big risk and the reward was life changing. For me, The best thing about being a wedding photographer is the overwhelming feeling of peace knowing I made the choice to follow my heart and it paid off times a million. I smile driving to work, every email in my inbox feels like and opportunity for connection, and the soul-sucking weight of failure has been lifted off my shoulders. 

Now I get to have success after so much struggle, and trying to “fit in”. I can be there to capture your story and it feels wholly and irrevocably right. I am proud to say I love my job. Which is cool, because that truly shows when we work together. We’ve all had to work with someone who doesn’t love their job, and we know how that story goes…

Okay, now I feel like you know wayyy more about me than I know about you so now it’s your turn! Head over to my contact page to tell me all the details of your story and your hopes and dreams for your wedding day too. I can’t wait to talk soon!


fun facts about me

I often take the scenic route when trying to explain things.


I love japanese food and will try anything at least once

(including sea urchin)

If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I would do wedding planning or florals,

I just can't justify not being in the wedding industry I love it so much.

My birth chart is > Gemini sun, Libra moon, Sagittarius rising.

My biggest flex is that Ariana Grande is a Libra moon too (totally explains why her music speaks to me)

I collect/hoard perfume. Over quarantine my hobby turned into a bit of an obsession 

I love giving people recs for their wedding day so hit me up. 

Savannah is an extremely talented artist and was able to capture our wedding beautifully. Our pictures are amazing and we absolutely cherish them. We still can't narrow down our favorites for a photo album because there are just so many that we love. We would absolutely hire Savannah again!